Who We Are

Original Hippie® is a Lifestyle Clothing Line where Casual meets Cool. Comfort is just as important as style. 10% of profits are donated. A portion of proceeds go to clothing kids. Changing lives one purchase at a time. Join the Movement.


We will have a collection for everyone as we grow.


The Classic Collection is clean and classy. 


The American Collection is for people that love their Red, White and Blue.


The Salt and Sand Collection is for people that love the Islands and Caribbean feel.


The Winery Collection is for the people that know a glass of wine makes the day better and the night brighter.


The Music Collection is for people that loves the way music heals the soul and fills their lives with better memories. 


The Rodeo Collection is for the cowboys and cowgirls that live the life they love and are proud of who they are.


The Love Collection is for people that believe that love and kindness never go out of style.


The Outdoor Collection is for the hunting and fishing lovers.


The Vintage Collection is for the people that love the feel of yesterday in their everyday.


The Grace Collection is to help people find the peace and love that the Father God gives us freely every day. 


The Just Sayin’... Collection is my crazy sayings that makes sense to people and makes them smile. 


If Ralph Lauren can start with one tie, we can start with a couple of collections under Original Hippie and become what I see in my mind. I believe that with everything inside me.



Dean Stockton

Original Hippie®